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Facepiece Spectacle Kit Testimonials

“The spectacle kit was a great success on our recent Coral sea 3D expedition thanks to you. The kit worked really well and was comfortable to use. It was great to be able to focus on my rebreather gauges and see the background at the same time. Beautiful work!!! Thanks to you for all your efforts”…
Emmy nominated Director/Producer, R. Isaacs- Australia

“We have been using Trispec spectacle kits for seven years in our Interspiro SCBA. The kits are rugged, and user friendly. The design allows for easy cleaning and no blind spots that other kits create. We tested several different kits that were on the market and found Trispec to be the best kit for our application”.
Deputy Fire Chief, J. Masci- Branford Fire Dept., Branford, CT

“I just wanted to let you know how I am doing with the eyewear inserts. I have used them twice on the shooting range in practice and have not had any problems with them.  I have deployed them once in a “real world ”barricaded suspect situation, after we use tear gas inside a house, at night, in a low-light situation and they worked well. I am satisfied with the product. Thanks again.”
L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. Officer – Los Angeles, CA

“The lens kit is a quality device that is impressively easy to place and remove from the mask. I’m a progressive bifocal lens wearer and being able to adjust the lenses is crucial for my proper fit. This is the first product that I have been able to wear comfortably. Previous lenses were painfully uncomfortable and did not fit. Many colleagues I’ve shown this to compliment on how the lenses attaches to the frame.

“I have demonstrated the lens kit to several department members many having different fit issues and every one of them can’t wait until this is available.

“The lens kit was put through Boston EMS fit testing and passed with 8 times the required numbers. The test administrators were also very impressed with the design and quality of the lens kit.

“I have recognized a need for better eye wear in EMS during a hazardous event, i.e.: Hazmat, WMD event or any other circumstance where respiratory protection is needed. I also see a need for other first responders who need corrective vision who also operate in a less than safe environment. Again Thank You.”
Paramedic, P.G. Hughes- Boston EMS, Boston, MA

“For the past few weeks I have been using your prescription eye gear insert and prescription lens for the AGA mask. I want you to know that this device has been long in coming … This insert is a very welcome addition to my diving equipment. The insert is extremely easy to install and adjust, and it doesn’t require any tools. The lenses are of high quality … Thank you for making such a device for the AGA mask.”
Professional Diver- Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

“We have been very satisfied with your product”
Air National Guard – U.S. Airforce

“I met with Mark this morning.  He tried them out and said they were ‘straightforward and simple to use’.  He said it was very easy to install them; that they held in place and did not slide around; and could be adjusted.  He felt they replicated his existing glasses very well!! Good job!! …and thanks very much!!”
Chief of Police- Washington University

“I use a full face mask on my Sentinel rebreather and I need to read dive critical information from my handset. I tried stick on lenses but never had a satisfactory result so a more robust solution was required. I recently obtained a spectacle kit from Trispec Eye Gear and I am extremely happy with the excellent quality of the product and service received and had just used the spectacle kit on a week of technical diving in Donegal and it was fantastic. The image below was taken by Michael Barnette of me and a few other divers on the bow by torpedo tubes of the U89 WW1 Sub sunk in 60m (200 ft) of water. The Trispec spectacle kit is a super high quality kit and a dream to use. Superb product.”
Engineer/Technical Diver, P. Coughlan- Ireland

“Your glasses are at our training facility. The respirator trainers have been showing them in all of their classes. The response has been very favorable”
U.S. Dept. of Energy

“These glasses installed in seconds and never needed adjustment again. They were only removed for cleaning and worked superbly in all fire situations.”
Firefighter, D. Rodgerson- Bridgeport Fire Dept., Bridgeport, CT

“Your patience and professionalism are an asset to your company and I have enjoyed working with you. Thanks in advance for everything you have done.”
U.S. Military- Batelle PV

“I dived down to 150 ft, no problems with insert.  You guys did a good job on those.”
Professional Diver, Hudson, OH

“Thanks again for the [M95] lens kit, it worked awesome! After seeing and using the new one, I tried the old version for about 2 seconds and went right back to the new one….. I will say this though, It was a highly physical course. We were working and sweating in the mask for up to 18 hours a day. The mask and inserts worked great. In fact, I only knew the inserts were there, because I could see! Thanks again, and I look forward to doing more business in the future.”
Pararescue Team MSGT- Air National Guard Rescue Squadron-  U.S. Airforce

Fire Chief, E. Gratrix – Trumbull Fire Dept., Trumbull, CT

“Vision is excellent. I really like the extra vision I am getting from these glasses. This was my pleasure to evaluate such a good product.”
Assistant Fire Chief, I. Fossesigurani- Bridgeport Fire Dept., Bridgeport, CT

“Thank you very, very much. Were very happy with them.”
Sergeant- U.S. Air Force

Smokesite XT Testimonials

“Our firefighters tested different lens colors to determine if there was a vision difference. The colors were Rosetta, Clear and Smokesight XT. Firefighers reported improved vision in light to moderate smoke conditions using the Smokesight colored lens.”
Deputy Fire Chief, J. Masci, Branford Fire Dept., Branford, CT

“These are excellent lenses. They really relieve the eye strain” …”Improved visibility in smoke.”
Assistant Fire Chief, I. Fossesigurani- Bridgeport Fire Dept., Bridgeport, CT

“I especially liked these for brush fire work outdoors. They were never an impediment to indoor or night time work as I could actually see better with them on under these circumstances.”
Firefighter, D. Rodgerson- Bridgeport Fire Dept., Bridgeport, CT

“Relieves eye strain”… “Windows and doors are better outlined. Also, a counter top edge or shadow lines are better defined.”
Firefighter- Branford, CT

Visible Man Field Reviews

“This is a very exciting product for the fire service. The assistance that it will provide not only in search and rescue, but also during low visibility or blackout conditions in fire training for the instructors and students.

We, as instructors, will be able to see the facial expressions of the student in order to better evaluate the students understanding and/or performance during a training scenerio. Also, the ability to have a light source that can be seen with those conditions, as well as keeping your hands free, is certainly a great benefit for the fire service.  I  look forward to seeing this products development and into the fire service.”
Deputy Fire Chief, R.L. Scaglia, Glastonbury Fire Dept., Glastonbury, CT

“I would like you to know that what you are doing for the fire service is great. It sure does mean a lot to a guy like me who likes things that are simple. The illumination of the face piece with the different colors is a great way to find someone in a smoke filled room or even a room with no lights it was a great asset. It is also a great way to identify another member of the department as we talk we could assign a color to a company or a piece of equipment. I just want to state as a lieutenant and member of the Glastonbury Fire Dept for 30 years this is a great improvement for a face piece.”
Deputy Fire Chief, B. Motowidlak, Glastonbury Fire Dept., Glastonbury, CT

“Thank you very much for your time throughout the burns this past month… I liked how the blue strip around the mask allowed the FF to know exactly where their line of sight ended, this way they could keep their partner within frame of their vision.  I like the idea of color coding a personal’s mask whether it’s red for an engine company, blue for rescue or truck etc.  Also, color coding crews is a great idea. This way, in smoke filled atmospheres, different FF’s can tell who is who.  Thank you again for your constant hard work and dedication to our service, without people like you who are constantly coming up with ways to make our jobs a little easier we would not be able to complete the job we do on a daily basis!!!.”
FF/EMT/Part Time Dispatcher, J.T. DePino- East Haven Fire Dept., East Haven, CT

“Using the luminescent inserts is very valuable in training. The different colors provided can help keep track of students with the instructor in live fire evolutions. I would recommend the use of the luminescent mask inserts for all training involving fake smoke or during live burn evolutions. They help with crew integrity and accountability.”
Capt. W. Stacy Sr.- West Haven Fire Dept., West Haven, CT, Adjunct fire instructor Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT

“This mask is excellent. Great visibility in bad conditions.”
Firefighter, R. Spaduzzi- East Haven Fire Dept., East Haven, CT

OEM Testimonials

“Many thanks for your prompt attention. Once again thank you for your efficient and professional attention, it makes doing business easy when you have suppliers who are attentive to their customers.”
S.E.A. Group

“Thank you very much for looking into this. We are definitely interested to hear more about the options you discussed…the Trispec Rx insert might be the best solution. Good to know the great work you do…”
NASA- Environmental Control and Life Support- International Space Station

“It is a pleasure doing business with you.”
North by Honeywell

“I just wanted to call you and thank you for your follow up voice mail trying to meet our dead line….it’s so nice and refreshing to have such a good, responsive supplier. Aearo really does appreciate you…thanks so much.”
Aearo Technologies- A 3M company

“Thank you for the great service!”
Scott Safety- A Tyco International Company

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, personally, for the time and effort that you expended…Your name has been relayed to the point of contact at  Headquarters, Air National Guard, along with a recommendation that they work with you on development of an insert for the new gas mask…Again, thank-you for all of your time and efforts.”
Chief of Aerospace Medicine, Department of the Air Force- Letter of  Appreciation

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