Specialized Lenses

SMOKESIGHT XT, MSL and TCR lenses enhance visual contrast

Additional visual contrast sharpens your perception, clarifying judgment and speeding up reaction time. All products can be applied to the challenging environments of Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Military and Industry.


Trispec’s proprietary yellow high-definition lens technology was developed for the fire service to enhance vision in smoke and low light conditions.

Key Features & Benefits of SMOKESIGHT XT Lenses

•  Enhances vision in smoke, low light and overcast days delivering sharper contrast and detail.
•  Reduces glare and relieves eye strain enhancing safety and work performance.
•  Can be worn anytime of the day or night, indoors or outdoors.
•  Amplifies lime/yellow and red/orange on firefighter turnout gear and safety vests.
•  Rifle or pistol shooting target enhancement.
•  Scuba search and rescue low visibility or twilight dives.

Metalized Surface Lenses™ (MSL™) and
True Color Reception™ (TCR™)

Whether it’s a Haz-mat clean up, training session or brush fire, enhance your safety and job performance in bright sunlight with improved visibility from our MSL™ and TCR™ specialized sun lenses.

Metalized Surface Lenses come as grey lenses with a blue or silver mirror and True Color Reception Lenses come as grey lenses without mirror.

Key Features & Benefits of Metalized Surface and True Color Reception Lenses

•  Reflects and absorbs glare away from eyes.
•  Improves visibility in bright sunlight.
•  Gives true color reception and will not distort colors.
•  Relieves eye strain.
•  Enhances safety, work performance and dark adaptation.

Where to Buy Specialized Lenses