Goggle & Spectacle Rx Inserts

Mission Ready Eye Gear

Custom engineered to secure your vision in any goggle or spectacle with our field-tested Rx inserts. Allow yourself a large field of view, with securely mounted, rugged and reliable prescription ready frames.

Peltor Goggle RX InsertPeltor Spectacle RX Insert

Key Features and Benefits

Wide, Unobstructed Field Of  View
Custom engineered; sized, shaped and angled for each goggle or spectacle to enhance your confidence, safety and task performance.

Quick And Easy Mounting
Rx insert snaps in and out.

Rugged And Reliable
Secure mounting platforms and high-performance eyewires enable strong prescriptions and multifocals that are well supported.

Proprietary Premium Finish
Frames are finished with a revolutionary two-step polymer shield protective coating.

Sleek, Low Profile Styling
Optician assisted design coupled with front-line feedback assures you a comfortable, secure and visually optimized eyewear system.

Pioneering Bridge modules absorb impact energy for added strength and lens retention.

Features compression lock screws for guaranteed lens retention.

User Satisfaction
An Rx insert that is as comfortable as a standard pair of eyeglasses.

Industry Compliant/Certified
OSHA compliant and meet VO ballistics impact requirements.

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