About Trispec Eye Gear

Service  ·  Quality  ·  Innovation

At Trispec Eye Gear, our reputation depends on the reliability of every vision product we produce.

For over a decade, Trispec Eye Gear has been designing innovative vision systems for challenging environments worldwide, including Spectacle Kits, Rx Inserts, Standard And Specialized Frames/Lenses, and Other Critical Vision Systems.

Our spectacle kits are custom engineered, and optician designed from over 25 years of optical expertise. This vital knowledge optimizes the optics and maximizes the visual field, thus gaining a safer, performance enhancing advantage for each spectacle kit and specialized lens user.

Our service, quality components, sleek and effective designs are what define our industry-leading spectacle kits and vision systems that stand up to every challenge.

Expand your vision… insist on Trispec Eye Gear.