Visible Man™ Illumination

Patented In-Mask Firefighter Illumination
Military Tested Luminescence Technology

Minimize Firefighter Disorientation – Improve Safety, Spatial Awareness and Company Integrity

The Luminescent Mask Advantage

•  Ability to view and be seen at all angles,through smoke,dust, fog,low visibility & blackout conditions.
•  Not obstructed by ambient lights and easier to see than other forms of light.
•  Illuminates face to ID company members in RIT situations and communicate via facial expressions.
•  Better evaluate students understanding and/or performance during a training scenario.
•  Projects light outward for hands free task, area or egress lighting and as a beacon.
•  Less air consumption due to enhanced personal confidence and lower stress/panic levels.
•  Multiple colors available to enable quick member/team/company ID.
•  Produces a soft, cool uniform glow that will not interfere with night vision.
•  Highly durable, non-toxic and exudes no heat.
•  Full Face Mask applications- Fire, Military, Law Enforcement and Industry.

Points of Interest

USAF Electroluminescent Study, Charles S. Pieroway, Major, USAF
EL Emergency Egress, The Crucial Difference
Firefighter Disorientation Study,  William R. Mora, Captain, San Antonio Fire Dept.

This product is in development. Please contact us for more information or to be a field tester.