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Full Facepiece Spectacle Kits

Spectacle kits are also referred to as eyewear inserts, lens kits, eye glass frames, spectacles frame, glass frame assembly, respirator spectacle kits, scba spectacle kits, spectacle insert kits and respirator frames.
pSpectacle Kits from International Safety Instruments - ISI

Facemask Spectacle Kit P/N 036052 No Lens [Nose Mount]-


Facemask Spectacle Kit P/N 036053 Yellow Lens [Nose Mount]-


Facemask Spectacle Kit P/N 036054 Gray Lens [Nose Mount]-
Deltair tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Facemask Spectacle Kit P/N 136001 [Nose Mount]-
 & Deltair

Facemask Spectacle Kit P/N 136003 [Nose Mount]- Viking ZSeven
ISI also offers a kit to upgrade Magnum units to the AirSwitch regulator and facemask enabling usage of this product.
Facepiece Spectacle Kit Frontier Full Facemask Spectacle Kit
P/N 10001173

Drager Safety cvxcvxcvxcvxcvxcvcv CDR 4500 Full Facemask Spectacle Kit
cvxcvxcvxcvxcvxcvcv bnbvbvbnvbnvbnp p[Panorama Nova] P/N 4057622
Facepiece Spectacle Kitjjjjj b Design may vary from image shown

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interspiro Spiromatic/Spiromatic-S/Spirotek
Full Facepiece Spectacle Kit
[Eyewear Insert]

P/N 336-890-493

Divator Divator MKII Full Facepiece Spectacle Kit
[Eyewear Insert]
P/N 96496-01

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North by Honeywell
Facepiece Spectacle Kit North Full Facepiece Spectacle Kit
Including 7600, 5400 Series
[Metal spectacle frame with support wire]
P/N 760024


OTS Guardian1of2OTS Guardian2of2

Eyewear Kit for OTS Guardian FFM
Model#: 920033-000
Add your prescription lenses to the Guardian Eyewear Insert in your OTS Guardian FFM. With the Guardian Full-Face Mask Eyewear Insert, enjoy a clear view underwater with securely mounted, custom engineered and field-tested prescription ready eye gear.



Scott Safety
Scott Facepiece Lens Kits are available for prescription users without lenses or with specialized tinted lenses for non-prescription users.
Scott Prescription Lens Kits
Scott Facepiece Lens Kit Brochures
Scott Safety
Facepiece Spectacle Kitl
Scott Sari Full Facepiece Spectacle Kit
P/N 012190
Currently available only through
Scott Safety UK [Tyco] scott.sales.uk@tycoint.com
UK Customer Service: +44(0)1695 711711

Design may vary from image shown

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SEA Group - Safety Equipment America
Facepiece Spectacle Kit S.E.A. Full Facemask Spectacle Kit
FF, SMF,SE400,SE46,SE40
P/N 50023, 04072 [21009-01]

Design may very from image shown
Facepiece Spectacle Kit SR200 Full Facemask Spectacle Kit
P/N 50072 [21008-01]

Design may vary from image shown

Sundstrom Safety AB
Facepiece Spectacle Kit Sundström SR 200 Full Facemask Spectacle Kit
[Spectacle frames]
Model No. SR 341
Ordering No. T01-1201

Design may vary from image shown

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Facepiece Spectacle Kit Kemira Sari Full Facepiece Spectacle Kit
P/N 9250

Design may vary from image shown

Goggle & Spectacle Rx inserts

Also known as Prescription Insert, Rx Carrier
EVP Combat Eyewear
Rx Insert
P/N 40719-00000
Peltor EVP Rx Insert (PDF)
EVP Plus Combat Eyewear
Rx Insert
P/N 40720-00000

Peltor EVP Plus Rx Insert (PDF)
Nighthawk Military Spectacle*
Nighthawk Tactical Goggle*
Rx Insert
P/N 40590-00000

NightHawk Rx Insert (PDF)

*Fits both Spectacle & Goggle